Seeds of Hope

I awoke from an insightful dream the other day and I wanted to put its vision down on paper. 

Weary boned and clouded with sight, I made the treacherous climb to the watchtower, for there I  felt the stirring to wait. Bloodied and torn, I reached for the next opening that would propel me forward and I heard that stilled whisper yet again, “Hear joy & gladness; let the bones rejoice...” (ps.51:8)

I could see my place in the tower awaiting my stance and I reached for it with every strength that I could muster. I leaned back against the battle pierced seat and breathed out a desperate plea, “restore and replenish by bones.” As I exhaled, I felt the words fill my lungs, “Let faith arise.”

The sun illuminated its brilliance across the land and visions of a story told opened clearly before me.

A woman knelt down before the ground and with eyes fixated on the place before her, she planted a seed. One by one, she continued to move forward. Alone in the field, the weathering of the heat of the day covered her entirely. Yet, she persisted. With assurance of her purpose, her hands dirtied by the soil kept movement of the planting.

I kept looking for the others and wondering who this woman was planting for, but just then as those thoughts engulfed me, I heard a humming echo across the land. Beneath the melodious tune, I made out the words sang of faith: “As I am sifted like wheat, my faith will remain. In the process of separating what is good for the keeping, my faith will remain. As shadows fall around me, my faith will remain. I will trust the process to not harm me, but to draw out your GOOD. You will be there in the beat downs, praying for my faith to remain. You will fill my shadows with your light and as darkness reappears, my faith will remain. I am not defined by what is hard, for your strength lifts the heaviest weight and carries it for me. My faith will remain.”

Entranced by her heavenly voice, my eyes fixated on a shadow encircling her. I did not see it before, but now the trail of the feet that walked with her as she planted shone as bright as the sun. Her head slowly turned toward me and when her eyes fixated on mine, I stood aback at the familiarity of her presence for I could see that it was me. I could understand the warmth behind the fixated stare say, “In the planting of hope, Let faith arise.”

Just then, dust swirled around the land to as high as I could see and when it settled, the wind was blowing thru the tops of a field ripe for harvest. Now seated in a watchtower on the edge of the field I could see the presence of the Lord beside the vision of me and I could hear HIM say, “You were faithful in the planting. You sowed faith and belief in every seed into the land, so that others could come and reap its reward with you. The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shone. Look upon the harvesters, filling their bags with full to overflowing- your persistence in the toils to believe I was with you watered the soil for readiness of harvest.”

And she humbly replied, “you have harvested its joy; You have watered its soil and because of you, faith arises from the tilling of the land.”

I looked at my body, once bloodied and torn, and stood amazed at its appearance now healed and restored. Those piercing eyes from across the field locked mine once again and I listened as she whispered, “the planting was for you.”

Our steadfastness amidst the trenches of our story can move mountains & bring healing to our bones. It’s in the everyday planting that faith arises and that praise is found.